Damo’n Industries

Damo’n Industries was started because I wanted to provide a healthier option for my family that wasn’t overly sweetened or filled with salt to enhance the flavor.  As family and friends began to taste the sauce they were as excited as I was about the flavor.  The added bonus was it is low in sugar and salt.  Although it was started as a pasta sauce, it can be used on anything so it’s called “Everything Sauce”.

I look forward to sharing this flavorful and healthy option for you as well.

Meet Chef Damo’n

I was born and raised in Charlotte NC, and I have been cooking my whole life. After my daughter was born, I wanted to make sure that my family was eating foods that were not only healthy but flavorful.

One day I was making sauce and I felt in my heart that this was something I needed to do.  I kept working with my sauce and as I perfected it, I shared it.  I enjoyed how people would respond when I cooked; my wife even started calling me Chef Damo’n.

After some time, God told me to move to the Chicago area so I could attend the Joseph School of Business.  God spoke to me about my sauce, and I realized that I needed to provide a fresh, flavorful, healthy sauce to aid in the health of humanity.

One of my sister in laws and her fiancé tasted my sauce the both said at almost the same time this could go on “everything!”  When they started naming all they thought it would be good with, I said, “That’s the name of my sauce:  Everything Sauce.”